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Where Did Septum Piercings Originate?




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Getting a septum piercing can be a fun thing to do, but it’s important to learn how to get the most out of it. To determine which types of piercings will be best for you, you must first know where they came from. It can be quite expensive so you need to know how much it costs. There are some tips to help you find the best piercings for the best price.


Having septum piercings is not just trendy, it has a long history. They have been used by Native American Indians, African tribes, as well as other cultures around the world. They can be an excellent accessory for almost every type of aesthetic.

There are many types of septum-piercings. Some are simple and straight, while others are more complex. Some are part of a larger piece, such as a ring.

The earliest known septum piercings date back to around 44,000 BC. The septum piercings of the Kangi tribes in New Guinea are well-known. It’s also said that the Australian aborigines used septum piercings for beauty purposes.

Today, septum piercings have become as popular as the late 90s belly piercings. Celebrities such as Rhianna, Willow Smith, and FKA Twigs have been seen rocking their septum piercings.

Jewellery has been used to enhance beauty. This can include a shiny bead to reflect light. It can also be used as a status symbol, such as the Nathori with teardrop shape.

A septum ring is another interesting form of jewelry. It can be made from gold or nickel free gold. These are less noticeable than the larger tribal rings. These rings are intended to imitate Eastern culture. Others are fake clip-on septum ring.

A sweet spot is the best place to pierce your septum. This will allow you to heal quicker and be less painful. You can also keep your piercing clean and free of infection. Avoid touching the piercing with your hands while you are eating or drinking.

It is also recommended that you wait at least a month between stretches. You should also be careful not bump your nose while eating or drinking. Depending on your individual piercing, the recovery time will vary.

A septum piercing can be a great way to improve your appearance. Although it can be painful, most people can handle it. A shiny bead will reflect light and add to your overall look. It can also add volume and shine to your skin.


Septum piercings were common among tribal people thousands of years ago. The practice was second only to ear piercings in the tribal culture. It was also considered a sign of manhood, fertility, and warrior strength. In many cultures, septum piercings are a way to signal that the person is ready to marry.

Although septum piercings are a tradition that has been around for centuries, there is still a strong association with rebellious connotations. The practice was adopted by hippies in the 1970s as a symbol for rebellion. The piercings were also adopted by punks as a way to display rebellion.

The ring has also become a popular piercing among celebrities. The rings have been worn by actresses Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga, and others in many different styles.

A septum ring can be made from a variety materials, including metal, bone and wood. Gold was the preferred material in ancient South America, and jade was associated with rulers and power.

Before piercing, the septum piercer must clean the area thoroughly. This is to ensure the ring is safe and does not irritate skin. During the piercing process, the piercer uses a hollow needle to penetrate the tissue. The piercer may also use a medical clamp to hold the septum.

The procedure for piercing the septum is relatively easy. There are however some risks involved. If the piercer is not experienced, he or she may accidentally cause damage to the blood vessels or tissue. It can also be painful to pierce. The pain can be described as a hard pinch.

The healing process takes six to eight weeks. If the jewelry is removed during this time, the piercing will close. It is important to wait until the piercing has healed before attempting to conceal the ring.

People who have their left nostril pierced are considered fertile. Those who have their right nostril pierced are considered to be having periods. This is because the left nostril connects to the reproductive organs.

Millennials and Gen Zers

Millennials and Gen Zers started septum piercings in a big way. They are now considered fashion statements, especially by younger women. It can be difficult to know which piercing is the best fit for your body.

A septum piercing can also be used to express your self-image. While the process is not invasive, you may have to wear clear retainers to keep it in place. Sometimes, employees may have to take the jewelry out to keep a certain dress code.

A professional piercer is the best way to puncture your septum. There are several locations to get your septum pierced. You can also have your septum pierced at the following locations: ear piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, and eye piercing. You may need to visit a piercer in person to find out what will work best for you.

Many millennials have tattoos. A recent study found that approximately 40% of millennials have at most one tattoo.

Other common piercings include cartilage, earlobe, eyebrow, and nostril. The WSJ reported on multiple ear piercings in 2017.

The septum piercing is not the only piercing that is becoming popular among millennials. A similar study found that nearly four out of four Gen Zers have at least one tattoo.

The most common piercings among millennials include septum piercings, earlobe and nostril piercings, and eyebrow piercings. Although piercings can help you stand out among your peers, it is a great way to make a statement. However, you need to be familiar with the process before you go. You might ask for a larger needle if you are not comfortable with the pain.

You can show off your Gen Z or millennial style by piercing. If you do decide to have your ears, nose, or tongue pierced you need to be aware that there may be a strict dress code. It can also be a bit of a learning curve.


Getting a septum piercing can be expensive. It can cost anywhere from $40 to $90. This is based on the studio, the piercer’s experience and the type of jewelry that is used.

Do your research before you decide to have a septum piercing. You want to make sure you get the best deal. Also, make sure you are getting the most appropriate type of jewelry for your skin type. Avoid cheap jewelry that can cause irritations or infection.

The cost of septum piercings will vary depending on the type of jewelry you are getting. You may need to wait about two months before getting another gauge. It may take longer for the septum to heal.

You want to choose high quality metals that will not cause skin irritation. Also, you want to avoid jewelry that contains nickel. Stainless steel is the best option. You can also get titanium, which is very durable.

You can also use surgical stainless steel, which is non-porous. This is a safe choice for people with nickel allergies. Surgical stainless steel is also affordable, making it a great choice.

You can also choose from a variety of aftercare products. Aftercare sprays reduce the pain and speed up healing. Also, sterile solution can be applied to your septum piercing twice a day for the first six weeks.

To speed up the healing process, you may also consider using a special device. This is a good idea because you don’t want to flip your septum piercing until it is fully healed. You also don’t want to move your septum during the first six weeks.

Choosing a septum piercing can add an edge to your look. However, you should be aware that it is a painful procedure. It can also be difficult to conceal. You may want to consider other jewelry to add flair.

If you are unsure about any aspect of septum piercings, it is best to consult a physician. They can help you decide if you are a good candidate for septum piercings.

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