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Where Did Piercings Originate?




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It is a wonderful experience to get a piercing. But did you ever wonder how they got there? Did you know that the Egyptians were the first to pierce? Did you know that the ancient Egyptians had piercings in both their navels as well as their earlobes.

Ancient Egyptians

Egyptian women wore earrings during the Middle Kingdom to enhance their appearance. Some women even had tattoos. This practice is believed to have served a therapeutic role for women.

In ancient Egypt, scarab amulets were also worn. These are flat undersides with incised decorations. These can be strung on necklaces or rings.

Some Egyptians also had facial piercings. These were reserved for royalty. People outside the royal family were not allowed to have them. They were also believed to repel demons.

A piercing on the nose or tongue also dates back thousands of years. It is still a popular practice among some cultures today. It is also practiced in American Indian cultures. For example, some tribes in New Guinea pierce tongues as part a religious ritual.

Another practice that was common in ancient Egypt was the rearing of the cobra. This was believed to protect pregnant women and ward off evil. It was also believed to be a sign of power.

Belly button piercings are another popular piercing. These were a common feature in the royal family. They were a symbol for wealth and status.

In addition to facial and body piercings, ancient Egyptians also had ear piercings. They were worn to enhance their beauty, protect themselves from evil, and provide spiritual protection.

The Egyptian pantheon contained deities and gods associated with burial and the afterlife. They were also represented by deities associated with natural phenomena.

Dermal piercing

Originally, piercings were a form of body adornment. They were also used in cosmetic surgery. In the 20th century, modern body piercing techniques emerged. Dermal piercings are now possible anywhere on the body. It is painless and can be used for decorating difficult-to-pierce locations.

The procedure involves the use of dermal anchors. These anchors are 6 to 7 millimeters in length. They sit on the surface of the skin, holding the jewelry in place. You can have the anchors footed or round-based. These anchors can be changed at any time.

After the anchor is in place, the piercer screws the jewelry into the top. Dermal tops can be made of different materials, but surgical stainless steel is the most popular. Gold may also be used, but it’s not as durable as other metals. Niobium can also be used. It’s hypoallergenic and is unlikely to corrode.

The piercer may also use a dermal punch to create the “pocket” for the anchor. The punch will remove a small amount of tissue to create a hole in the skin.

After the piercer has pierced the skin, he will use surgical scrub to clean it. This is necessary to prevent infection and keep the piercing clean. Alternatively, a saline solution can be used.

To ensure that the piercings are done correctly, the piercer will mark the skin. In addition, a skin punch may be used to create the “pocket.”

The piercer will insert jewelry into the dermal anchor once the anchor has been placed. The jewelry may be a ball or a stud. The jewelry can also be changed at any time.

Navel piercing

Nail piercing isn’t a new practice. It’s been around since ancient Roman times. As nail art trends grew, so did the popularity of this particular piercing.

Preputial infibulation, a lesser-known practice among male performers, was popular in the past. The piercing was done both ways with the aim of improving a man’s health and conserving his singing voice. The best part about this rite was the well-written script.

In the modern day, there is a growing number of piercing parlors and studios. Some, like Studs, offer a wide variety of services. These services include ear piercing and belly piercing. Some clients prefer to have one pierced, while others prefer full-on ear styling.

Although there are numerous piercings to choose from, the best way to get started is to consult a professional. The first step is to determine which location is best for your particular needs. After that, you’ll need to decide on the style of piercing and decide which type of jewelry to use. Luckily, most nail piercers can offer tips and tricks that will help you get the best look.

The most important question to ask your piercer is, “How long will it take to pierce my nails?” They can also offer tips on how to care for your new adornment. It is important to follow all instructions and not to use your pierced nails for anything other than dressing up.

Nipple piercing

In ancient Rome, nipple-piercings were a symbol of strength and camaraderie. Centurions got pierced nipples to show their commitment to the Roman Empire. They also used nipple rings to attach their breastplates.

Nipples piercings became a body mod for men, as well as women. Women wore one on each side, with a link connecting them. Others had the pierced nostrils attached to a cape, or another garment.

Society was not always open to the practice of body modification. The time was a time of great Protestantism and the Catholic church was skeptical of the flamboyant fashion. The medical community was also outraged by the cosmetic procedures that essentially rejected traditional conceptions about a woman’s body.

The pierced nipples eventually became a source for pleasure for women. Isabella of Bavaria, a 14-century French queen, referred to the pierced nubs as “little apples in paradise”. She was also a huge fan of plunging necklines.

The “Bosom Ring”, popular in the 1890s was very much in fashion. It was believed to increase breast size and make the breasts appear more arouse. It was sold in high-end Parisian jewellery shops.

The pierced nipples were a symbol of rebellion. Nipple piercings were seen as a sign of strength and power, and they disrupted the idea of a “typical beautiful body.”

In the early years of the twentieth century, the nipple piercing became a fashion icon. It was adopted by the leather subculture and the BDSM (Body Dismorphic Subculture) community.

Ear lobe piercing

Although ear lobe puncturings are often considered an aesthetic practice, there is also a spiritual aspect to them. Many tribes, particularly those in Africa, stretch their ear lobes for various reasons. Some people pierce their ears in order to attract spirits into the world, while some others do it to display their social status.

Ear lobe piercings have been practiced by both men and women for centuries. It is actually one of the earliest body modifications. In Western society, pierced ears were historically a sign of femininity.

The ancient Egyptians had ear piercings. Different materials were used to pierce the ears of the kings and other important social figures. Some people used porcupine quills or sharp plant roots to pierce their ears. They also used healing salves and oils made from herbs.

Some communities believed that ear lobe puncturings could prevent hysteria, and prevent evil spirits entering the world. Others believed that metals kept evil spirits away. Some tribes also used metal ear plugs to signify their status.

Ear piercings were very popular in Africa in the past. Small objects could be held in the lobes of the ear by stretching them. It was also thought that the stretched ear lobes could invite spirits into the world.

Some ancient cultures stretched their ears as a form of self-expression. The ancient Israelites also pierced their ears. To show off their social status, they did this.

Labret piercing

Historically, the labret is a piercing placed on the lower lip. It is a form of body piercing that has been practiced for thousands of years. Although labret piercing is practiced all over the world, it is most prevalent in tribal cultures.

Ancient tribes of Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and the Nuba of Ethiopia have traditionally used labrets to pierce the lips. To make their labrets, they used obsidian and walrus ivory as well as wood. They used these piercings to enhance their beauty and sexuality. They also carved labrets into religious figures and mythological figures.

To highlight the lips, some tribes insert large wooden plates in the labret. These tribes believe that the world was created by the ancestor spirit Noomi. They also believe that the ancestor spirit weaves thread through the teeth.

While labret piercings are now considered a part of mainstream culture, they were once considered as subversive and a threat to Christian values. In the past, labrets were used to identify members of the tribe. It was also believed that lip labbers were used to enhance sexuality.

Today, labrets are made mostly from stainless steel. They come in many styles. Some people use labret studs to place the piercings on the lower lip.

Although labret piercings can be painless, they can cause severe tooth damage if not done correctly. A professional should perform the piercings.

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