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Types of Body Piercings




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There are many types of body piercings on the market today. Some of them are: Tragus, Nose, Ear, Oral, and Genital. These piercings are very popular because they help to enhance a person’s beauty.

Ear piercings

Ear piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercings. Ear piercings involve inserting jewelry into the ear via the cartilage. Ear piercings are most commonly done at the lobe. However, they can also be done at other parts of your ear.

The most common types of ear piercings are lobe piercings and helix piercings. These piercings are also known as cartilage piercings. Although they aren’t as painful as other types, they can still cause pain.

You may feel some discomfort and soreness in the first few days following your piercing. The pain may vary from person to person, and it may take up to six months to heal. You may also experience red, flaky skin around the piercing site. You should not rub, touch, or sleep on your piercings during this time. It is important to keep your jewelry clean.

To prevent infection, it is important to clean your piercing at minimum twice per day. You can also use an alcohol swab to clean the area. You should also wash your hands before handling the piercing.

Ear piercings have several types, depending on the type of jewelry you are going to wear. You should wait until the piercing has healed before changing or adding jewelry to your earring.

The healing time for ear piercings can vary from person to person. Healing time is usually between six and eight months, although it can take longer. The type of piercing and the size of the ear lobe can affect healing time.

Follow the advice of your piercer to avoid any complications during your recovery. Keeping your piercing clean and following the advice of your piercer can help prevent infections.

Nose piercings

Nasal piercings can be more painful than earlobe piercings. In addition to pain, piercing the nose can also result in infection. To prevent infection, you will need to take certain steps.

Before you do anything else, clean your piercing. To clean the area, you can use a saline solution. You can either buy the saline solution at a piercing salon or make it yourself.

You should also apply an ice compress on the pierced areas. This will help reduce swelling and pain.

Third, you should wear the correct jewelry. A variety of jewelry can be purchased at a jewelry counter for nose piercing. You should avoid wearing hoop earrings since they can result in unsightly piercing bumps. A diamond nose stud should measure at least 1.6mm in size. You should also be careful when taking clothes off over your head. If you fall over, you may snag your piercing, resulting in pain.

Fourth, wear sterile gloves. You should also avoid touching the area, especially with dirty hands. These gloves will help prevent bacteria from entering the piercing.

You should also use a sunscreen-protective moisturizer. You should also avoid cleaning your piercing with soap and water. This can lead to a nasty infection.

You should also avoid sleeping on your piercing. This may cause irritation, as your nose will be wet.

Good tips are the best thing. These tips will ensure that you have no problems with your nose piercing. If you have persistent inflammation, it is best to seek medical attention.

The best way to avoid infection is to take a few precautions. Avoid dipping your piercing into water and putting it in hair. You may also want to apply a small circular hydrocolloid dressing called an acne dot.

Tragus piercings

Tragus piercings generally are painless. However, if the piercing is not properly cared for, it can result in scarring or infection. These tips can help reduce the risk of complications.

First, avoid touching the tragus. The piercing has a low blood supply, which means that the area is susceptible to infection. It is also susceptible to rejection, which can result in tearing, pain, or scarring.

Second, keep the tragus piercing as clean as possible. In addition to avoiding touching the piercing, you should also wash it with saline solution. Saline solution can be found in convenient spray bottles.

Third, try to avoid using headphones while the tragus is healing. Using headphones can jostle the piercing and slow its healing. Headphones can cause irritation and pain to the piercing.

Fourth, avoid wearing bigger jewelry while the tragus is healing. Large jewelry can cause interference with listening to music and talking on the phone. Instead, wear flat-back jewelry.

Be sure to use a clean pillow when you sleep. It is important not to disturb the piercings while you sleep.

If you are thinking about getting a tragus piercing, be sure to do your research and find a piercer that is well-experienced and qualified. Budgeting for aftercare products is important to ensure they are affordable.

It’s also a good idea to research a salon before you go in for a piercing. It is also a good idea to think about your lifestyle and whether or not a tragus piercing is the right fit.

Tragus piercings can be done easily. If not taken care of properly, they can become infected, keloids, and hypertrophic.

Genital piercings

Various people get genital piercings for different reasons. These reasons include aesthetics, self-esteem, sexual enhancement, healing after trauma, and style.

Genital piercings have been used in tribal societies for centuries. They are now more common on men. They can also be performed on women.

It is important to clean genital piercings regularly. This is because the piercing area can easily become infected. It is important to use a saline solution to clean the piercing.

A person with an infected genital piercing may become prone to developing cystitis or gonorrhea. In addition, infection can spread to other areas of the body.

Most people who have genital piercings do so to increase their sexual pleasure. They may be looking for an increased sense of confidence and orgasms. Genital piercings are a great rite of passage. But before you get them, be sure to discuss their effects with an experienced body piercer.

Genital piercings have become popular with young adults. There are many ways to do them, including through the penis or scrotum. Scrotum piercings can be less susceptible to rejection and migration.

Prince Albert is the most popular male genital piercing. This piercing is performed by inserting a ring through the bottom of the glans of the penis. The piercing is typically four to six weeks in healing. It can be used to increase sexual pleasure for both men & women.

Male genital piercings may decrease sensitivity. It is important to abstain from unprotected sex until the piercing is healed. It is important to keep the piercing clean, dry, and cool.

Perforations to the genital area can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B or C. They also have a higher chance of contracting periurethral microflora.

Oral piercings

Although it can be fun to have an oral piercing, it is important to follow the aftercare guidelines to prevent infection and keep the piercing clean. Avoid certain activities that could cause irritation to the pierced areas.

There are risks associated with dental piercings, including infection, swelling, and damage of the teeth and gums. Infections can range from simple skin infections to more serious blood diseases. The risk of infection is also increased by touching or playing with jewelry in the mouth.

The mouth contains millions of bacteria and is a common site for oral piercings. When the pierced area becomes infected, swelling can block the airway and make breathing difficult. Some infections also cause pain and swelling. Depending on the severity of the infection, breathing tubes may be required to help clear the airway.

The American Dental Association does not recommend oral piercings. They are more likely to cause infection than other types of dental piercings due to the bacteria present in the mouth.

It is important to keep the piercing clean, especially after eating. A soft bristle toothbrush is a good choice, since it reduces the bacteria in the mouth. Brushing the teeth with a mouthwash that contains baking soda and saline solution can also help eliminate the risk of infection.

Oral piercings may be made from metals such as gold, but it is important to avoid metal studs, since they can chip the teeth. They can also be prone to infection since they are not sterilized. Gold is also easier on the gums because it is more soft. Metal can also be allergic to some people.

Consuming tobacco products, spicy or salty food, and smoking can cause irritation to the pierced areas. It is important to avoid hot tubs.

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