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Different Types of Piercings




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There are many types of piercings, depending on your interests. These include Monroe piercings (Helix), Monroe piercings (Upper lobe) and Lip piercings (Lip piercings).

Helix piercings

You need to be careful about what aftercare you do if you want to get a helix or a belly button puncture. To avoid complications, it is important to follow the aftercare procedures.

The first thing you should do after getting a piercing is to wash your hands. This will prevent infection. It is important to avoid touching the piercing. You should also not touch it while it is wet. This is because it could cause irritation.

To clean the area, you can also use a saline solution. This will help the area heal faster. This will also flush out any debris or discharge from the area. Avoid using rubbing alcohol. This may cause the piercing to dry out.

The most important part of the aftercare procedures is avoiding irritation. This can be done by avoiding touching the piercing while it is wet, as well as avoiding jewelry that may rub against the piercing. Avoid sleeping on the piercing, as this can cause irritation and swelling.

A high-grade alloy of titanium is the best choice for helix jewelry. You can find this material in many colors and shapes.

Aside from the obvious, you should also look into a cartilage shield. This piece of jewelry is made from larger pieces of jewelry that dangle from the side of the ear. It should be cleaned twice a day with a saline solution. It should also be cleaned with antimicrobial soap.

A popular choice is the hoop. This piece of jewelry is made from a flexible metal. It can be removed by pulling apart the two ends.

The best thing to do is to follow the piercer’s aftercare directions. If you follow these directions, you will ensure that your piercing gets the best chance at healing.

Lip piercings

It is possible to create a unique look by using different types of lip-piercings. You must take care of the piercing. You need to clean it well and make sure it is not exposed to any products that might cause an infection. Protect the piercing with makeup.

If you follow the instructions correctly, most oral piercings will heal quickly. You should wash your mouth with an antimicrobial alcohol free mouth rinse. This will help to fight bacteria and encourage the healing process.

If you have a lip piercing, you can wear jewelry around the piercing to accentuate the shape of your lip. The jewelry can also help to draw attention to your smile. It is important to avoid using tobacco products and alcohol. It is important to avoid any sexual contact for the first eight weeks following the piercing.

In order to protect your new piercing from infection, you should avoid smoking. Smoking can infect the wound and cause unwanted side effects. You need to take extra care of your lips as they are very sensitive.

Cosmetic products should be avoided on the lips. Cosmetic products can snag fibers and cause irritation. You can also clean your lip with a saline wash. This is a gentle alternative to harsh soaps or lotions. You should apply the saline wash for five seconds, then let it air dry.

Avoid picking at the crusts surrounding the piercing. You can also wash the area with hot water from the shower.

Depending on the type of piercing, you may have different healing times. Lip piercings take between six and eight weeks to heal.

Nostril piercings

It’s a great way for you to express your individuality by choosing the type of nose-piercing that you want. These types of piercings are a great alternative to ear piercings, and you can find a variety of different jewelry styles to match your personality.

Nostril piercings are simple to do, but healing time depends on the type of piercing you have. For instance, a septril piercing can take several months to heal, while a nose piercing can take as little as three months.

The pain from a nostril piercing is not as severe as an ear piercing. A nostril piercing can cause mild discomfort that should disappear within a few weeks.

You might also feel mild fever and chills. You should clean your piercing regularly. Use a saline solution, which is 1/4 teaspoon salt mixed in tepid warm water to clean your piercing. Use the solution three times daily and wipe your piercings with a clean cotton towel.

When buying nose jewelry, keep in mind that certain types of metals are not appropriate for nose piercings. Some metals, like gold, can trigger allergic reactions. You should also be careful about changing your jewelry too soon.

Stainless steel is a good choice for a nose piercing. Avoid hoop earrings as they can cause unsightly bumps in the piercing.

There are also several different types of nostril rings. There are twisted and hooked barbells, among others. You should also avoid nostril fishtails, which are thin wires that poke into the nose. Fishtails can put pressure on the nose and make healing more difficult.

Both men and women can wear nostril piercings. They are also very popular among celebrities. Zoe Kravitz, Willow Smith, and FKA Twigs are just a few celebrities who wear septum piercings.

Upper lobe piercing

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, it is important that you know the differences between different types of piercings. The type of soft tissue on which piercings are placed determines their classification. The two most common types of piercings are ear lobe piercings and helix piercings.

Ear lobe puncturings are performed on the lobule (the soft tissue that covers the ears) of the ear. They can be done with a stud or a ring. They can also be placed on a ridge below the rook, which is the ridge that connects the ear to the head. They are also known as “doubles” and can be used to spice up your ear piercing.

The helix piercing is a vertical puncture that is located on the outer rim of the ear. This piercing can be more painful than lobe. It can take up to six months for the wound to heal. It is important not to sleep on a helix piercing. It may also cause irritation.

The outer conch piercing is placed closer to the inside of the ear than the helix. It is either 14g or 16g. It is also common to display studs in the outer conch. Hoops can be used to hold the piercing depending on its shape.

The anti-tragus piercing is located on a small curved area on the upper earlobe. This piercing is attractive because of its location. It is often paired well with other delicate ear piercings.

The outer conch piercing can take six months to heal. If you decide to have it done, make sure to choose hoops that fit your earlobes.

Monroe piercing

Unlike other piercings, Monroe piercings are a bit more tricky. Because of the strength of your gums and nerves, it can be difficult to penetrate the skin.

To avoid infection, you should follow the proper aftercare for Monroe piercings. Getting your piercing done by an experienced piercer will help prevent common issues. Good oral hygiene is essential to ensure a successful piercing.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol can irritate the pierced area. You should also avoid spicy foods, which can burn the pierced area and cause redness.

Antibacterial mouthwashes can help prevent infection. It can also reduce bacteria in your mouth. It is a good idea for you to brush your teeth twice daily.

You should also try to drink plenty of water. This can help the piercing heal faster. Getting plenty of water also helps prevent swelling and irritation.

You should also avoid touching your Monroe piercing while it is healing. Avoid spicy foods as they can cause irritation and redness. Avoid sugary drinks and milk.

It is a good idea for Monroe piercings to change your jewelry every six months. The best way to do this is to get it done at a reputable piercing shop. You can also get a silicone or acrylic retainer to cover the piercing.

You should pick a stud made of a durable material that suits your skin type. This could include titanium alloy. It is also a good idea to avoid studs that are too large, as they can damage your gums.

Brush your teeth twice daily and don’t touch your piercings while it heals.

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