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How to Get Rid of Piercing Pain




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Getting a piercing can be an exciting experience, but it can also be painful. There are a few things you can do to alleviate the pain and help your piercing heal quickly. It is important to remember that everyone heals at their own pace. While you may feel less pain in a week, others may take longer to heal. Some people even have to undergo surgery to stretch their lobes.

When you get a piercing, your skin should swell and you may also have a few days of redness. The swelling will go away in a few days. If you notice redness and swelling for longer than a few days, you may have an infection. If you do have an infection, it’s best to visit a medical professional. To treat your earlobes, you can also use antibiotic ointment. It is also a good idea for your health to get enough rest and eat a healthy diet.

Your ear piercer will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. After your piercing, you’ll need to clean the piercing with antibacterial solution and saline-soaked gauze. After that, you should only touch your piercing with clean fingers. This will help prevent infection. If you’re worried that your piercing isn’t healing properly, you can also visit a medical professional.

For a brief time, you may need to take non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs can reduce swelling and pain but are not recommended. If you’re taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, make sure you don’t take them more than a day before or after your piercing. If you use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for longer than a day, you could end up preventing your piercing from healing properly.

When you have an ear piercing, it’s important to avoid public pools, swimming in open water, and swimming in pools that aren’t covered. These areas can cause infections to enter your piercing. You should also keep your jewelry clean at all times. Clean your piercings with a saline-soaked gauze at least twice per day.

If you have any swelling or pain, you should apply an ice pack to the area to help relieve the pain. The ice pack should be applied for at least 20 minutes. Talk to your doctor about ways to reduce the pain from your piercing.

The pain of cartilage piercings is different than that of ear lobe piercings. The cartilage is thick and hard, so it can be painful. But the pain can also be dull and throbbing, rather than sharp and stinging. When you have a cartilage piercing, you might feel pain for a few months. It is best to wait at least six weeks before you take off your jewelry.

You should also avoid putting pressure on your piercing, such as sleeping on your ear. You should also avoid using ear buds during healing. This can cause the ear channel to tear. If you do need to wear ear buds, you should wear them on the side of your ear instead of at the back. You should also avoid wearing heavy jewelry. Too much jewelry can cause a tear in the ear canal. It’s also important to clean your earrings regularly to prevent infection.

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